Austrian Society for Tropical Medicine, Parasitology and Migration Medicine

The Austrian Society for Tropical Medicine, Parasitology and Migration Medicine or ÖGTPM is a registered association with the purpose of promoting the science and practice of tropical medicine, parasitology and migration medicine.

The ÖGTPM is a member of the Association of Austrian Scientific Societies as well as an accredited organizer of the Diploma Training Programme of the Academy of Physicians for advanced training events in the field of specific prophylaxis and tropical hygiene.

Because health

Be-cause health is the Belgian platform for global health. 

The platform unites organisations and individuals linked to Belgium and involved in global health. The diversity of actors in global health gives the platform its strength and ensures a more effective Belgian contribution to global health policies and the policy debate based on the right to health and healthcare for all.

Be-cause health members strive for the right to health and healthcare for all by providing an equitable access to good quality responsive health services for all, and in particular for the most vulnerable people, embedded in strong, resilient and sustainable health systems. The platform is recognised on a national and international level for its expertise in these matters. 

Be-cause health is pluralistic and open, providing a place for exchange and capitalisation of technical knowledge and scientific evidence on global health. It stimulates mutual trust, understanding and cooperation between all stakeholders involved in global health and the Belgian development cooperation. 

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Danish Society for Tropical Medicine and International Health

The Danish Society for Tropical Medicine and International Health (DSTMIH) was founded in 1967 and is a scientific society with the aim of disseminating knowledge within tropical medicine and international health. The society also works to promote research in these areas. 

The purpose of the society is to bring together doctors and others interested in tropical medicine and international health - this concept taken in its broadest sense - to expand knowledge of these disciplines in Denmark and enable mutual exchange of experiences, as well as promote scientific research. 

DSTMIH also serves as a forum for colleagues working abroad in the Global South and represents the professional interests of its members through the organization of courses and the arrangement of national and international congresses on tropical medicine and international health alone or in collaboration with other relevant professional societies.

Dutch Society for Tropical Medicine and International Health

The Dutch Society for Tropical Medicine and International Health or Nederlandsche Vereeniging voor Tropische Geneeskunde (NVTG) was founded in 1907and is dedicated to the improvement of the health care in low- and middle income countries. 

NVTG supports and stimulates research, provides education and promotes the exchange of expertise and knowledge in the field of tropical medicine and international health. It also contributes to Dutch health care from a global health perspective.

The Francophone Society for Tropical Medicine and International Health

The Société francophone de médecine tropicale et santé international (SFMTSI) is the successor to the Société de pathologie exotique founded by Alphonse Laveran in 1907.  It is a place of reflection and exchange open to all those involved in tropical medicine and health development.

Our vision

The Society works within the framework of the "One Health" concept.
Its main objective is to maintain a network of francophone actors involved in the practice of tropical medicine and the fight against communicable and non-communicable diseases in the countries of the Global South.

Our activities

The SFMTSI offers a free editorial service with the journal Tropical Medicine and International Health, whose articles are indexed and accessible online. The Society's website offers a range of services and resources, including a repository of technical historical documents covering the last 120 years.
A newsletter is published three times a year, providing information on SFMTSI activities and issues in tropical medicine.

National coordinators organise local activities and thematic meetings. The Society organises scientific meetings twice a year and is a member of FESTMIH and IFTM.
Young practitioners and researchers are invited to support our action through reflection and initiatives that the SFMTSI encouraged, in particular, through prizes and awards.
It is an interdisciplinary society: doctors, pharmacists, midwives, veterinarians, nurses, historians, anthropologists, entomologists, economists and programme managers, students, journalists... are invited to join the SFMTSI.

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German Society for Tropical Medicine, Travel Medicine and Global Health

The German Society for Tropical Medicine, Travel Medicine and Global Health (DTG) was founded in 1907 and is a German not-for-profit with about 1,000 members. 

As a scientific society, we aim to bring together physicians, medical researchers, veterinarians, natural and social scientists who practise, research, advise on, or are particularly interested in the fields of tropical medicine and global health. 

DTG is a member of the Association of Scientific Medical Societies and of the Federation of European Societies of Tropical Medicine and International Health.

Tropical medicine and global health includes all aspects of clinical medicine, hygiene and microbiology, epidemiology, social and environmental medicine and related subjects in the tropics and subtropics and in developing countries.

Travel medicine,  or the diagnosis and treatment of imported diseases among travelers and migrants, as well as preventive medical advice and care for travellers before and after stays in the tropics, subtropics and developing countries, is an important area of focus for DTG. We have set up a Standing Travel Medicine Committee for this task, consisting of representatives from various tropical institutes, societies and institutions, who are working on evidence-based statements on current travel medicine issues.

Our core activities include:

  • the exchange of experience between Germany and other countries
  • the promotion of research and teaching
  • the promotion of young talent
  • the support of further education in this field, both in Germany and in tropical countries, the provision of advice and updates, evidence-based guidelines and recommendations to authorities, organizations and media
  • a biennial meeting

Global Health Finland

Global Health Finland aims to raise awareness of global health issues and promote cooperation between those working in the field.

Italian Society of Tropical Medicine and Global Health

 The Italian Society of Tropical Medicine and Global Health (Società Italiana di Medicina Tropicale e Salute Globale or SIMET) is a multidisciplinary non-profit scientific society. Its mandate is to promote research and activities in communities living in most deprived areas of the tropics and subtropics, and in general in those most exposed to risk of diseases linked to poor living and working conditions and/or climatic and environmental determinants.

SIMET operates in the following domains:

  • Prevention, diagnosis and treatment of human diseases;
  • Promotion of human and animal health, including food security;
  • Socio-economic and environmental determinants related to health;
  • Technical-scientific cooperation in the socio-health sector referring to the regulations that govern the International Cooperation of Italy;
  • Teaching management in the socio-health sector and in other sectors relevant to the above-mentioned domains;
  • Health education and information in Italy and abroad for health personnel, workers, tourists, and the community in general;
  • Other domains not included in the present list, directly or indirectly related to tropical medicine and to health promotion of the communities described above;

Irish Global Health Network

The Irish Global Health Network (IGHN) is an independent network of people from different backgrounds, sectors and disciplines who are concerned with health inequities and issues that impact on the health and development of populations at a global level, with a particular commitment to those living in low- and middle-income countries.

Established in 2004, the IGHN has within its membership health and development professionals and others with an interest in and a commitment to influencing education, advocacy and policy working within the NGO sector, health sector and academia. Its membership is both local within Ireland and global. Membership is open to any individual who has an interest in global health, regardless of disciplinary background.

We are an inclusive network, where membership is open to all and everyone is treated with respect. We strive constantly to improve our work based on learning from our actions, partners, stakeholders and members who are central to our ability to continue to deliver quality activities valued by our members and funders. We work both proactively and responsively.  We are proactive in identifying key issues and cross-cutting themes that are important for the global health community in Ireland.  

We are responsive to emerging issues and member or partner interests. Within our organisation, we seek to be open and transparent about our decision-making processes and accountable to our funders and membership. 

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Norwegian Forum for Global Health Research

The Norwegian Forum for Global Health Research is an interdisciplinary network of academics and others who work with or have an interest in global health. 

The Forum offers individual membership giving access to news and information about Forum activities, conferences, and funding sources.

The aim of the Forum is to promote high quality research, education and training aiming at improving health and health care for marginalized population groups in low- and middle income countries. The main objectives are to:

  • Improve and enhance the involvement of Norwegian researchers and institutions in global health research, education and capacity building
  • Contribute to increased international collaboration in global health, with particular emphasis on strengthening the capacity of institutional partners in low- and middle income countries
  • Stimulate to increased and targeted funding in prioritized areas for relevant global health research from the Norwegian government and other sources
  • Contribute to national and international collaboration and networking in the field of global health
  • Be the autonomous advisory body to Global Health Norway and other institutions on policy formulation and scientific input

The Forum also represents the Norwegian global health community in relevant associations, federations or forums such as FESTMIH.

Spanish Society for Tropical Medicine and International Health

The Spanish Society (SEMTSI) was formed during the first ECTMIH in Hamburg in 1995) and it brings together a wide range of professionals active in the field of tropical medicine and international health. The society currently has 549 members.

Our activities

Organisation of the biennial SEMTSI Congress in addition to scientific meetings, working sessions and forum discussions through the year
Contribution to the advancement of research in tropical medicine and international health and the facilitation of exchange and dissemination of knowledge
Development of reports and clinical guidelines
Facilitation of access to national and international scholarships
Collaboration with civil society, public academic and private organisations and networks active in tropical medicine and international health 

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Swedish Society for Tropical Medicine

The Swedish Society for Tropical Medicine or Svensk Förening för Tropikmedicin, was founded in 1961 and has about 200 members with various medical backgrounds; physicians, nurses, biomedical scientists, researchers and students. The society is a section within the Swedish Society of Medicine (Svenska Läkaresällskapet)

Our aim is to promote the development of tropical medicine in terms of clinical management, education and research through networking in the field. We organise at least one symposium or scientific meeting per year, with a focus on tropical diseases or migrant heath. 

We have a scholarship for research in low-income countries and provide information and contacts to students in health sciences who wish to carry out research projects or clinical practice in tropical areas.

Swiss Society of Tropical Medicine and Parasitology

The Swiss Society of Tropical Medicine and Parasitology unites students and professionals and promotes the passion for tropical medicine and parasitology. Our goal is to strengthen and expand the Swiss community of experts and the network among students, scientists, clinicians and other professionals as well as their organisations in the field of parasitology, tropical medicine and global health.

Our vision

We unite and promote passion for parasitology and tropical medicine.

Our thematic diversity ranges from molecular investigations to global health aspects, and includes human and veterinary parasitology, vector entomology, diagnostics as well as tropical medicine and public health. Our extensive network supports and fosters interdisciplinary exchange and collaboration to catalyse research and its translation into practice.

Our working groups

Our working groups help represent our interests, especially by preparing working documents and propositions to be used for further discussions. 

Our other activities

We offer travel and young investigator awards, conduct an annual meeting, and produce regular newsletters with updates on upcoming events including from partner institutions and societies, and most recently a webinar series with new episodes every four-eight weeks.

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FESTMIH is a not-for-profit network of European-based societies working in tropical medicine and global health Registered address: Nationalestraat 155, Antwerp, Belgium
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