World NTD Day

The 4th #WorldNTDDay will take place on 30 January. A day to celebrate! 

Why celebration? Because attention will be focussed on Neglected Tropical Diseases (#NTDs). By raising awareness, we can increase understanding and funding for NTD programs and scientific research.

We welcome the establishment of the anniversary to use this as an opportunity to bring NTDs to the attention of as many people as possible. NTDs will receive a special "illumination" - globally 100 important buildings and monuments will be lit in orange and purple to draw attention to these diseases and eliminate at least 1 NTD from 100 endemic countries. This initiative aims to raise awareness for diseases that threaten 1.7 billion people worldwide. Let's use this as a spotlight to start 2024 with the highest possible awareness.

Who's all in? For instance, our FESTMIH President Dr Marco Albonico, who will be speaking on #schistosomiasis tomorrow at the "Giornata Mondiale delle Malattie Neglette" congress at the Centro Congressi INMI "Lazzaro Spallanzani" in Rome, Italy. Turin, his hometown, is also taking part in the Light-up Campaign for NTDs and is illuminating the Mole Antonelliana.
Do you know which other city is taking part?

 #WorldNTDDay #100PercentCommitted #BeatNTDs #LightUpTheWorld

FESTMIH is a not-for-profit network of European-based societies working in tropical medicine and global health Registered address: Nationalestraat 155, Antwerp, Belgium
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