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Verona Declaration

The participants to the 6th European Congress on Tropical Medicine and International Health and 1st Mediterranean Conference on Migration and Travel Health, focused on Equity, Human Rights and Access to Care, emphasize the right to health as a fundamental human right for all the people irrespective of origin, ethnicity and legal status.

We express our deep concern for the legislation and policies adopted by European countries with respect to migrant people. We underline that all policies and regulations that directly and indirectly put at risk the life of people and hamper their access to health, represent not only a clear violation of International human rights conventions and almost all national Constitutions, but also a public health threat.

We call the governments of European countries to develop joint policies with respect to migration, making sure that these are not in violation of the fundamental human rights and particularly the right to health. We also call the academic and research institutions and civil society to continue to play a role in monitoring the health and social conditions of migrants and refugees, including any measures that discriminate against this population and which may adversely affect their health and well-being.

We also acknowledge the importance of Global Health Initiatives in raising concern and channeling donors and interventions tackling some priority health problems in resource-limited settings. We strongly demand that such initiatives place the strengthening of health systems at the centre of their interventions at country level ensuring that they are integrated within the mainstream health services. We also ask to give greater prominence to addressing the social and structural determinants of people's ill-health as articulated in the WHO's Commission on Social Determinants of Health and to allocate resources to implementing the recommendations of the Commission's final report.


Verona, 10th of September 2009


How to endorse it:

The "Verona Declaration" (that can be downloaded in pdf both in English or in Italian, at the bottom of this page) has been issued at the end of the VI European Congress on Tropical Medicine and International Health that was held in Verona (Italy) on September 6-10, 2009.

To endorse it, please click here.

We would appreciate it if you would help us circulating it to your contacts and to the press. Individuals, scientific societies and any organization are welcome to endorse it.

Yoy can download the list of the first signatories here.


Download the Verona Declaration in pdf, in English or Italian

Verona Declaration in English (pdf)

Verona Declaration in Italian (pdf)

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