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Mission & Statutes

The Federation was founded in 1995 at Hamburg, during the first European Conference on Tropical Medicine. Fifteen European countries are currently represented on the Federation Council by their respective national societies. Overseas Societies are welcomed as corresponding members.
The objectives of the Federation are to build upon the interdisciplinary expertise of the national Societies in Europe, for developing European collaboration and North-South partnership towards health development in the tropics, in the respect of regional specificities. The Federation wants specifically to promote harmonisation of health strategies and recommendations related to developing countries, emergency situations and international travelers, to seek the advice from overseas partners for pertinent identification of their health and research priorities, to foster the formation in the tropics of new scientific societies dealing with health sciences, to encourage European harmonisation of training in tropical medicine, and to organise in Europe regular conferences on tropical medicine and international health.

The Federation is in close collaboration with the periodical Tropical Medicine and International Health and has established links with the European Schools of Tropical Medicine (Trop Med Europ). 


Statutes of the Federation

Download the constitution of the Federation of the European Societies for Tropical Medicine and International Health

Statutes in English (pdf)

Statutes in French (pdf)

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