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FESTMIH policy and guidelines
on working with funders, including pharmaceuticals


Since its inception, FESTMIH’s main area of activity has been the organisation of scientific and educational meetings in the pursuit of improved international health including the biennial European Congress of Tropical Medicine and International Health.

The success of these meetings is dependant on external funding, including support from industry, based on high ethical standards.

FESTMIH and its affiliated societies exist to serve the poorest, most resource-stressed populations of the world. As such, we believe that a high level of ethical standards - including reasonable sobriety – is highly appropriate in the organization of our scientific and educational meetings.

The principles and policies below have been developed to reflect those values, and should serve as guidance for meeting organisers and sponsors alike. Respecting these guidelines will be left to the sole responsibility of the involved parties and is not legally enforced.

FESTMIH Code of conduct



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of the Federation of European Societies for Tropical Medicine and International Health      


FESTMIH Code of conduct
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